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Mẹ's Way


What Media said About Mẹ’s Way

“It’s zippy, salty, spicy, and sweet, and it ennobles nearly anything: rice and beans, noodle soup, heck, even a sesame cracker.”
“Dabble a little bit in your popcorn for that sweet and spice and you are good to go”
“100% mom-invented…, passed down from three generations of mothers to daughters.”
“The perfect savory, sweet, and spicy kick, whether you’re whipping up that stir fry dish at home or ordering from your favorite small business! Me’s Way is the new way to go for bringing some extra heat in the kitchen.”
“Delicious, on chicken, pork, any kind of sea food. I personally like it on sticky rice. Some people like it on popcorn for those spicey popcorn lovers.”
“Jar of chili crisp (…Me’s Way…are all amazing in this “Chili Crisp Ramen Omelet Sandwich”)”
“Me’s Way based in Seattle, WA makes Vietnamese chili sauce. It is a sauce traditionally paired with bún bò Huế’s (Huế’s beef noodle soup) and cơm hến (clam mixed rice). It’s spicy, savory, and sweet thanks to anchovy and the distinct aroma of fried garlic.”
“Dedicated to foodies, spice lovers and folks with Vietnamese heritage alike, Me’s Way makes both regular and vegetarian versions of its Chili Sauce. “
“The brand is committed to its values of heritage and quality.”
“Add a dollop of the chili sauce to popped popcorn and toss to evenly coat the popcorn…Serve and enjoy.”
“Add flavor and pizzaz to any meal with this incredibly delicious chili sauce! The quality, and time-tested care is evident in every bite!”
“This is a great all-purpose sauce that is full of flavor with a good little kick of heat. It is versatile, so you can leave it out on the table and add it to anything that needs a flavor boost.”
“This is one of the sauces you can add to just about any meal for a tasty kick — um, hello flavorful popcorn!! Just dump a dollop in the bag and shake it up. “
“ Mẹ’s Way, a bold, spicy chili sauce crafted from a short, simple list of iconic ingredients true to Vietnamese cuisine.”
“A Chili Sauce Dedicated to All The foodies, Spice Lovers, And Generations of Vietnamese Folks, Living in The US Wanting A Taste of Home.”

“It definitely has a kick spicy kick to it, which pairs well with a ton of recipes.”