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About our Regular Chili Sauce

  • This sauce is traditionally paired with some of Huế’s most iconic food such as bún bò Huế’s (Huế’s beef noodle soup) and cơm hến (clam mixed rice)
  • This sauce is a wonderful blend of spicey, savory, and sweet with the distinct aroma of fried garlic
  • Unique in its use of anchovy, this chili sauce is unlike other hot chili oils
  • The combination of simple ingredients is a testament that less is more

About our Vegetarian Chili Sauce

  • Although the original Huế chili sauce is known for its distinctive anchovy base, our vegan friendly version still holds all the same flavor notes and aroma
  • To be inclusive of our wide range of customer base we are proud to create a vegan version
  • A vegan version of our original chili sauce without sacrificing flavor
  • Made with vegan ingredients


Dimensions11.25 × 8.75 × 6 in

Mixed, Regular, Vegetarian


8 oz., 16 oz.


2 Jars, 4 Jars