Although the original Huế chili sauce is known for its distinctive anchovy base, our vegan friendly version still holds all the same flavor notes and aroma

To be inclusive of our wide range of customer base we are proud to create a vegan version

A vegan version of our original chili sauce without sacrificing flavor

Made with vegan ingredients

Available in 8 oz. and 16 oz.

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When it comes to hot sauces, vegan people have limited choices. However, Me’s Way took the initiative to provide all vegetarians with the perfect vegan hot chili sauce to make their meals utterly delicious. Unlike others, our vegetarian chili sauce is not bland and has the perfect blend of sweet, savory, and spicy flavors.

Whether you want to have a savory-sweet breakfast or restaurant-type vegetable stew, just add our Vietnamese hot chili sauce vegetarian for perfect flavors. Buy it once to love it forever!

Your delicious meals are just one tablespoon of Vietnamese vegetarian chili sauce away!

Me’s Way Vietnamese vegetarian chili sauce is made to enhance the flavors of your homemade meals. Whether it is pasta, soup, steak, burger, or popcorns, you can add it to any food to make it unavoidably tasty. With our hot chili sauce in your pantry, you will no longer need to rely on restaurants for top-notch food. Choose Me’s Way hot chili sauce to make your taste buds happy!

Most people don’t realize that spicy food can have health-promoting qualities. Hot peppers contain an active ingredient that possesses anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticancer properties. So, our Me’s Way hot chili sauce isn’t only adding flavor to your meals; it is also making you healthier.

Our Vietnamese vegetarian chili sauce will help you discover your inner chef. Just add one tablespoon of our magical sauce and make even your bland meals delicious. Also, our hot chili sauce comes in a reusable glass jar that can be used even after you have devoured the sauce.

Top Recipes to Use Mes-way with

Vegan Crispy Rolls 

Vietnamese vegan crispy rolls are filled with mushrooms, carrots, and taro and can be served with Me’s Way sweet and spicy vegetarian chili sauce. Tender on the inside, crispy on the outside, these vegan rolls are perfect for your snack time.

Vegan Vietnamese Curry 

Who does not like to have a hearty and flavorful one-pot Vietnamese curry for lunch or dinner? Vegan Vietnamese curry can easily be prepared in one hour. It is infused with aromatics like lemongrass, ginger, and garlic and loaded with mushrooms, carrots, tofu, and eggplants. Adding Vietnamese vegetarian chili sauce will enhance the flavors of the curry. Enjoy your creamy and flavorful Vietnamese vegan curry!

Vietnamese Savory Sticky Rice 

Me’s Way Vietnamese vegetarian chili sauce can help you prepare the best version of popular Vietnamese sticky salty rice. Sticky rice topped with vegan pate (Pâté), pickles, sautéed green onions in our vegan hot chili sauce, and roasted peanuts is a perfect option for dinner dates and festive occasions. Easy to make, delicious to taste!

Vegan Kimchi Noodle Soup 

A rich and flavorful kimchi soup will be a perfect meal to warm up your winter nights or rainy season. The flavors of the soup can be enhanced by adding Vietnamese vegetarian chili sauce to it. It can later be loaded with mushrooms, tofu, kimchi and finished with green onions and cilantro. With Me’s Way hot chili sauce, it will taste so delicious that you will ask for a second bowl!

Crispy Vietnamese Crepes 

Are you craving a savory-sweet breakfast? Crispy Vietnamese crepes will satisfy your craving. Vietnamese crepes are made with rice flour and coconut milk and filled with sautéed mushrooms, carrots, and mung bean sprouts. Later, it can be served with Me’s Way Vietnamese hot chili sauce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Me’s Way has a hot chili sauce for everyone. The Vietnamese hot chili sauce comes in two variations – vegan and non-vegan.

Me’s Way handcrafted vegan chili sauce is made from scratch with locally sourced ingredients. You can easily buy Vietnamese vegetarian chili sauce online from Me’s Way.

From vegetable stew to noodles soup, saucy fries, crispy vegan rolls, vegan burgers, pasta, or rice, Vietnamese vegetarian chili sauce will make your every dish mouthwateringly delicious.

Unlike others, our vegan hot chili sauce does not come with a hefty price. Me’s Way brings handcrafted Vietnamese vegan chili sauce for spice lovers at a reasonable price!

This is our favorite Vietnamese chili sauce! We use it on almost everything. Our current favorite is on egg sandwiches and mixed in with avocado. Definitely worth every penny.

Christen Elliott

Super tasty. It is the bomb diggity. Simple mix of ingredients but the result is extraordinary. Enjoying what we bought and will definitely buy more. We've found lots of different uses for it already. I'm sure we'll find more ways to use it.

Ross Patterson

After seeing an ad for Me's Way in Smithsonian magazine, I decided to give it a try. I liked it so much, I ordered another jar to send to our son as a Christmas present. He’s now enjoying it as well. Their spicy sauce is especially tasty when stirred into our homemade Pho!.


I'm one of the people who saw this sauce in Food & Wine magazine. My husband and I love spicy and we have both spent a great deal of time in Asia, so I ordered two jars. In a nutshell, this sauce is AMAZING! It has great heat, but also great flavor. We've been using it on casseroles, ramen noodles, vegetable dishes and anything else we can think of. It came very well packaged to prevent leakage and arrived quickly. We are already introducing this to our friends and will continue to purchase.

Jayna Lynne Gau

The sauce is excellent! Since I moved to the States, I haven’t been able to find a good chili sauce to eat with “Bún Bò Huế”. I grew up in VN so I know what’s a good chili sauce taste like and until now, this is the most delicious chili sauce that I can find in the States. It tastes very fresh and packed very clean and nice. It is the high end chili sauce, not the regular chili sauce jar at the grocery stores. So you get what you paid for! And to me, it’s totally worth it!

Kim Lin

I love Me's Way Vietnamese Chili Sauce! It's a perfect blend of savory, salty, chili hot and just so slightly sweet. The Fish Sauce in it blends nicely and doesn't overpower. It's great as a condiment on Banh Mi, of course, but try it on scrambled eggs for breakfast. Yum!


Me’s Way accomplishes something that not many can. When you taste this amazing sauce you can taste the Heart. The Magic. The spirit of Love and the Joy of food bringing people together. You never have wonder: Can I put Me’s Way on this? Because the answer, is YES. And it will be Perfect! No other chili sauce on the market perfectly can accomplish this perfect blend of sweetness, garlic, and spice. My spicy loving family can get enough of it!

Devan Rogers

I gifted Me’s Way’s original chili sauce to my family this year and they have devoured them! My dad even combined it with peanut butter in a dish and said it was amazing! This sauce is truly an incredible addition to any serious home kitchen. Won’t be living without it!

Stacia Weller

I have tasted numerous chili sauces and Me's Way is one of the best. I have used it on dishes including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It has a flavorful and unique taste different from all the other sauces on the market.



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